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‘Hmm, I weep anytime I see my bedsheet’ – brokenhearted man opens up to Maa Gloria

It was emotional when a man called into the Masem Show on Abusua 96.5 FM to recount his lived experience with a heartbreak.

The man who gave his name as Steven Ofori told host Maa Gloria; the mere sight of his bedsheets drove him to tears forcing him to discard his bedsheets.

“Maa Gloria, I bought bedsheets with my own money. But I had to gather them and damp them in my grandmother’s apartment.”

“Anytime I set eyes on the bedsheet, I remember the lady. I couldn’t just sleep on them”

“In fact immediately my eye catches the bedsheet, I breakdown in tears,” Steven narrated.

17km Walk

His openness nudged another caller who also told how he walked from Anwomaso on the Kumasi Accra road to Tafo Nhyieso after a painful breakup with his girlfriend.

Google maps calculates the distance by a car as, “42 min (17.4 km) with a light delay via Accra Rd/Accra – Kumasi Rd/Kumasi – Ejisu Rd/N6.”

This was not enough to soothe his restlessness. He later kept boarding and alighting from commercial passenger vehicles.

“I would be in a car and all of a sudden alight and begin walking to my destination. I felt every car I sat in was too slow for me.

“Whenever I came to my senses and got into another car; I would repeat same over and over again,” Nana from Afigyase recounted.

The Heartbreak Train

Relationship commentators describe heartbreak as an open bus that a majority of persons venturing the journey of erotic relationships would join at least once.

How each person jumps off this bus varies with psychological makeup; social exposure, temperament and peculiar circumstances.

Renowned Psychologist and writer Nicolas Raymond put it succinctly in the article ‘The Psychology of Heartbreak and How it Can Help you,’ reviewed by Dr. Sheri Jacobson in March 2, 2023.

“Heartbreak can feel like being run over by a giant lorry as you’re riding a roller coaster. It gives you highs, lows, and leaves you utterly knocked out no matter how much you tell yourself to ‘just get over it.” Heathcote – Fumador



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