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Kumasi Business Festival; Patrons gear up for huge X’mas discounts

The maiden Pre X’ mas Kumasi Business Festival is gathering momentum as patrons and exhibitors alike; await massive sales and discounts.

The three day business and family fun fair event slated for Friday 15 to Sunday 17th December 2023; brings together businesses in Kumasi with special consideration for the region’s budding Indigenous Small, Micro and Medium Scale Enterprises.

The Jubilee Park where the fair is coming off provides patrons the benefit of huge space and easy access from all directions of the city.

Speaking with Ultimate News; Marketing Manager with organizers, Edceklus Enterprise; Benjamin Eddor assured prospective clients, convenience and affordability.

“You know the heavy human and vehicular traffic that comes with people trooping into town to make their Christmas purchases. This time we are bringing all the firms and businesses together at one point to give you that convenience and affordability while you shop,” he explained.

CEO of the company Cephas Edem Klu described the experience as a viable pedestal to support businesses build networks and showcase their unique products.

He noted: “This time, it is not just about the big companies doing promos but it is for every business to come around to also showcase their products to get some good sales.”

Sales and Discounts:

Organizers have outlined a number of businesses from a range of product offerings cutting across groceries, food and beverages; confectionaries; clothing and footwear; fashion and beauty; home and kitchen ware; baby products; furniture and fittings; home and office consumables; locally made handicrafts et-cetera.

“These firms have promised a lot of discounts. It’s a good avenue to have some respite to your pockets this Christmas,” Benjamin Eddor noted.

The organizers have further announced special packages for startups willing to get on board to exhibit their products.

“These are the businesses that grow to become medium scale and later large businesses and multinational companies. Our vision is to see their growth transition through this business festival,” he pointed out.

Side Attraction:

As part of aspirations of organizers to attract families; a number of family oriented side attractions have been planned into the business festival.

The venue will have music, family bonding games and play equipment to entertain children trooping in with their parents.

“As you sell; as you buy; you are treated to good music and there are opportunities where your children would have the avenue to play. It’s a full family package,” Benjamin described.

The last day of the fair will be climaxed with a series of fun games between participating businesses after which an award ceremony will be held to reward deserving winners.

For all three days; Sponsors will be in action to rain freebes on patrons participating in all games and fun activities at the venue.

Sponsors on the event include Promasidor Ghana Ltd.; Coolactive Sobolo Drink; Enchrisel Drinks; Transpee 07; Adepa Enterprise; Angel Beverages; BritBen Bodytalk and Essentials and Nelsik Mall. Heathcote – Fumador.



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