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Release KPMG’s report on SML to save your reputation; Prof Gyampo writes to Prez Akufo Addo

Political Science lecturer with the University of Ghana Prof Ransford Gyampo has beckoned the president to seize holding back an audit report on the controversial SML Revenue Assurance Contract.

The president was compelled to halt the revenue assurance contract signed between the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Strategic Mobilization Ghana Ltd (SML) after anticorruption investigations from the 4th Estate a private media firm, raised questions with the propriety of the contract.

Audit and tax advisory firm KPMG was appointed to in two weeks conduct an audit the contract entered to enhance revenue assurance in the downstream petroleum sector, the upstream petroleum production and minerals and metals resources value chain.

In an open letter to the president, Prof Gyampo contends he knows the audit firm has completed its work and forwarded same to the presidency.

“Dear President Akufo Addo, I am told KPMG has submitted its report on the SML deal. Given that there were serious allegations of corruption about the deal by a media house, I write as a Citizen to respectfully remind you that, you cannot sit on the report.” he wrote.

In the letter, he jolts the president to respect the right of the citizenry to know the details of such a report of huge public interest.

“The good people of Ghana have the RIGHT to know the contents of the report, and this is a simple truism that must not elude any government that believes in the dogmas of accountability and transparency.”

Justifying his insistence that the president does the due, Prof Gyampo contended the only way the president can debunk suspicions of an attempt to cover-up is for him to release the report expeditiously.

“At the moment, rumours are being peddled that, you probably want to “cover-up” or tamper with the report. A simple swift publication of the report would prevent these rumours from festering. Respectfully, Sir, even though you are done and exiting, I think you must be interested in the legacy you are leaving behind in promoting good governance, accountability, transparency, responsiveness and in the fight against corruption.”

You must also be interested in how your last minute actions and inactions impact on the electoral fortunes of the political organization that birthed your presidency, “he added.


The Fourth Estate’s investigative report, released in December 2023, questioned the capacity and track record of SML in conducting revenue assurance monitoring in the extractive sector.

It pointed to duplication insisting the services which were purported to be offered by SML for a whopping US$100 million annually was being offered by state agencies clothed with the power and technology to offer such services.

The Fourth Estate investigations further revealed inconsistencies in the company’s claims which it had published on its website that it had saved Ghana billions of dollars that the country would have lost in the downstream petroleum sector, a report SML quickly deleted from its website.

The Finance Committee of Parliament on December 23, 2023, further directed the immediate suspension of all payments under the contract insisting the GRA procedurally erred in approving payments for such a contract without parliamentary oversight.

By: Heathcote Fumador



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