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Anonymous Philanthropist pays fees for blind student; 1st in family to enter university

A philanthropist who prefers not to be mentioned has taken up fees for Alhasan Shaibu; a visually impaired student who nearly gave up hope of entering university for lack of funds.

Having gained admission to the University of Education Winneba as a visually impaired student and the first in his family to make it that far in Education; Alhasan Shaibu’s plight touched many.

After receiving notification of his admission; what was supposed to be a moment of celebration left the Okuapeman Senior High School graduate, frustrated and deeply worried as his mother; a single mum who hawks cocoa tea, could only raise 700 out of 6,200 cedis for his tuition and residential facility user fees.

EIB Networks airing of Alhasan’s story on all its urban and mass radio stations; television and online platforms; touched a philanthropist who took up the entire balance of 5,500 cedis; preferring to remain anonymous.

In tears, Alhasan’s mother, who lost her husband seventeen years ago, Fati Shaibu showered profound blessings on the kind heart of this unknown angel who brought hope to her son.

“Since I lost my husband, I have been selling cocoa tea in schools. There was no hope. I have single handedly taken care of our five children with no support from anywhere,” Fati lamented.

“For receiving Alhasan into your premises; I thank you. For even hearing him out God bless you. For someone donating to pay for his fees; may God never forget this person. Long life, prosperity and health will always be their portion,” she entreated.

Receipts of Payment

Alhasan who travelled all by himself from his residence in Obuasi to the premises of Ultimate FM and Abusua FM in Kumasi to solicit support; demonstrated the resilience of a young man determined to dare the odds to make it in life.

Handing over receipts of payment to Alhasan and his mother; Business Manager EIB Kumasi Cluster Daniel Attah Aggrey reiterated the commitment of the EIB Network to impacting lives and leaving indelible marks in the hearts of communities.

“It is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, to put up such projects and we hope to be doing more to support other needy and brilliant students who lack support,” he emphasized.

Mr. Aggrey further advised Alhasan Shaibu to make the best of the opportunity granted him to further his education.

“I will also take this opportunity to advise Alhasan to put all his abilities to work to be merit this support so we can also solicit for more in the coming years,” he advised.

Alhasan’s Gratitude

But for this gesture, Alhasan could have become one of the many Persons With Disability fallen through the cracks; probably dreading a future of begging to feed.

Expressing gratitude Alhasan promised to do his best to make the EIB Network and the special philanthropist proud of him.

“By God’s grace, somebody has paid my fees for me and I really appreciate what has been done. Without you, I don’t know what I would have done,”

“I thank the person and may God richly bless him or her or them. Whatever I have to do on my part to study hard, I will do that so they know they did not waste this money,” Alhasan assured.

Due for School

Alhasan is due in school to offer a four year Bachelor of Education course in Special Education with the Faculty of Applied Behavioral Science in Education at the University of Education Winneba.

Reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador who aired the story pleaded with anyone still touched by Alhasan’s plight and the work of the magnanimous philanthropist, to reach out towards Alhasan’s upkeep and fees for levels 200, 300 and 400.

“I am so touched by the magnanimity of this philanthropist and I know God who sees acts of kindness done in the secret will reward him as his word has said.”

“Alhasan is now cleared to go to school but we know there is second, third and final years. The public can still reach out looking at what this anonymous person has done to give him a fresh start in University, and help us with some more support.”

Hope Ignited

A young Alhasan who travelled alone back to Obuasi a month ago, wielding a white cane with a gloom; now left the premises of Abusua and Ultimate FM; walking with his mother, in a glow of excitement.

Like a light of hope shining in the darkest hour of his life; Alhasan has been offered another chance to dream again.

Another chance to hope for a meaningful future of dignity and independence.

The Good God who sees good works done in secret has duly etched this act in gold and HIS reward to the giver, is a surety.

If touched to keep this help going; kindly use the following Electronic Payment platforms bearing the name EIB NETWORK to make your contributions.

MTN MOMO 0557933570

AIRTELL TIGO 0266011114

ECOBANK 1441002387517

Your kind donation can secure the future of this young man and his generations. Heathcote – Fumador.



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