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Worth Sharing; My Exquisite Customer Experience at an EGL – Samsung Service Center

Customer Service Month marked every October prods businesses and public service providers to reignite their focus on customer consciousness.

It appears, and positively so however, that for some beautiful persons; Customer Service is a mantra, a uniform and the very breadth that effortlessly sustains their very corporate culture all year round.

Such a refreshing experience is what I encountered in the able and competent hands of Steven Baffoe, a technician at the Samsung Smart Care service center; a part of the Electroland Ghana Limited stables at Kaase.

I walked in one day as a visually impaired client with a colleague; to sort out a phone whose power button will not work.

Before I could say jack, he quickly walks over and inquires what the problem was; takes the phone and helps me go through documentation formalities at the receptionists table.

In a few minutes, he diagnoses the problem – a faulty power cable lying behind the power button. Steven now verifies I have warrantee and begins to check stock for the component.

A master of his game; he quickly has a chat with his head office and places order for the component with dates of arrival.

Steven walked over to me and explained the part had to be brought in the following week. He went ahead to instruct me on alternative ways of coping with the phone in the meantime.

I traveled out of town and missed my date for appointment. Unfortunately for me, I mistakenly left my charger behind while returning to Kumasi.

Surely, surely my phone snapped off on low battery with no power button to turn it back on.

Here I was; back at the Samsung Smart Care office, desperately searching for Steven to bail me out.

Another good impression struck me. After waiting a while for him in the lobby he comes in, asks me to hold on. He speedily runs through a list and goes round clients verifying what issues they were presenting for servicing.

My boss, a Programs Manager, who was with me, immediately passed me a comment. “This guy really knows his stuff. He is good.”

Steve walked over to apologize; the component had rather been requested from South Korea and had delayed a bit.

In a few moments he had done his own magic to put the phone back on. He offered me a fast charger to use while I made plans to either buy a new charger or go back for the charger I left behind on my journey.

Steve’s kind gesture of lending me his charger certainly blew my boss off. He was indeed the topic of discussion as we drove off the parking lot.

Cut a long story short; I received a call from Steven with good news my component was in. I missed another deadline but Steven once again bent backward to accommodate me.

He fixed my phone in less than ten minutes and handed it over without asking for the charger he offered me to use temporarily. I had to insist before he took it and dashed straight back to work taking inquiries from clients as usual.

For a Ghanaian to do this favor at no cost because of a warrantee; you would usually expect a certain energy that preaches the message of guilt for not handing over some money for their service.

In Steven; the only energy I received was his heart of content for satisfying a client and knowing that the client was not going to encounter another problem with their device.

True to his creed, my Samsung phone is back to full function without glitch nor malfunction.

This was full customer service with a touch of everything else empathy, emotional intelligence, kindness, virtue, value, proficiency and an exquisite, touch of professionalism.

Steven’s dedication to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory resolution to customer concerns is simply exemplary.

Customer Service Lesson:

A customer treated well keeps memories as huge and lasting as that of the elephant. They will forever remember the favor, return the favor and recommend that favor.

In the same vein, a customer treated poorly has feet as nimble as the deer. They will flee, and recommend others to flee never to be seen again and never to return.

In the case of the Samsung Smart Care service center, I retain the memory of the elephant. I recommend the center and Steven Baffoe for the best of customer service, professional touch and an amazing experience.

Influential Leadership:

It’s no wonder Steven Baffoe works under the watch of the ever affable, hardworking, experienced and welcoming Ashanti Regional Manager of Electroland Ghana Limited Mr. Hadi Najdi.

The lady I choose to call “the gravitas of customer service and marketing’ Adiza Ibrahim, Marketing Manager of EGL sits at the apex of this customer experience.

Having swept Most Influential Female Personality of the Year and Ideal Muslimah awards at the Islamic Personality Awards 2023.

Further wearing the crown of the prestigious title of “Woman of the Year” at the 6th Ghana Outstanding Women Awards; you couldn’t expect any less of customer service from any member of the EGL group.

Xmas purchase recommendation:

As the Christmas Season smiles at us; check out raining discounts on a wide range of original consumer electronics from Samsung Electronics, Midea, Toshiba Appliances; NASCO electronics and TCL in all EGL showrooms dotted across the country.

‘Mo ne y3’ to EGL as it pursues its vision “To maintain position as the market leader in distributing Top Innovative International Brands at the best competitive price followed by excellent after sales service support through qualified and well trained dedicated team.”

By: Heathcote-Fumador



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