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HIV/AIDS Prevention; HFFG ramps up testing and advocacy ahead of Xmas


Hope for Future Generations a not for profit, has stepped up HIV/AIDS advocacy in some high risk communities in the heart of the Ashanti Region.

The activities which follow the World HIV/AIDS Day marked in December has also served a dual purpose of sensitizing the populace ahead of the Christmas season.

At the Asafo Baya Kasoa slums free testing for free food drew out good numbers while volunteers went on a zone by zone Campaign on early detection and prevention.

Ashanti Regional Coordinator Ira Etsa Heathcote – Fumador pointed out that the UNFPA supported activities are geared towards protecting the populace and helping Ghana achieve its 2030, 95-95-95 targets.

“If you get tested and know you are positive, you are put on medications and after religiously taking it for three to six months you would become virally suppressed. It means the person cannot transmit the virus to someone else,” she told Ultimate News.

With 87% of the population aware of their HIV status; Ghana is racing against time to meet a 2030 deadline for at least 95% of all people to know their status; 95% of all positive cases to be put on antiretroviral medication and a further 95% of all HIV patients on medication to be declared Virus-undetectable and untransmitable.

ABC of HIV Prevention

The ABCs of HIV Prevention have been updated to reflect current trends in sexual behavior.

While A remains ‘abstain’; the traditional “B” for “Be Faithful” has been revised to “Be Faithful to Your Faithful Partner” to emphasize the importance of mutual faithfulness in relationships.

Speaking to Ultimate News, Ira Etsa Heathcote – Fumador explained that while parties in amorous relationships strived to remain faithful; they would also have to keep an eye out for the faithfulness of their partners.

“We used to say be faithful but if you are being faithful to a partner who is not faithful, you still stand the risk of contracting HIV. So you re being faithful to your faithful partner,” She insisted.

Ira further disclosed that the ‘C’ has also been modified to now stand for correct and consistent use of condoms to prevent unplanned pregnancy and transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

HIV X’MAS Campaigns

Advising the general population, Ira Heathcote – Fumador cautioned, “Let’s enjoy ourselves during the Christmas festivities but while at that; let’s take precaution because HIV/AIDS is real and no respecter of persons.”

The campaign further targeted pregnant women with advocacy for Prevention of mother to child transmissions which has unfortunately left several children and youth with the virus for no fault of theirs.

“Women who get pregnant should go to the health facilities to be tested. When found to be positive, they will be put on medications to protect the unborn baby,” the coordinator advised.

The free testing centers also run tests for Tuberculosis which forms part of the disease conditions under the radar of HFFG.

HIVAIDS Prevalence

Ghana marked World Aids Day on 1st December with a call for communities living with; at risk of and affected by HIV/AIDS to lead the way in the fight.

Recording a 1.8% prevalence rate, some 354 927 people are living with HIV in Ghana.

Last year alone (2022) the Ghana AIDS Commission reported 16 thousand new infections with more than 10,000 of these cases recorded among females.

Out of the total 16,574 new HIV infections recorded in the 2022 National and Sub-National HIV/AIDS estimates and projections, females accounted for 10,927 of the new infections while males constituted 5,647.

By:inewslens.com/ Ivan Heathcote-Fumador



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