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2024 Elections – We have every receipt for Bawumia’s lies – Bawah Mogtari

Special Aid to the former president John Dramani Mahama; Mrs. Joyce Bawah Mogtari has dared Vice President Dr. Maahamudu Bawumia to a credibility test on the account of Dr. Bawumia’s own past statements, abundantly available over the internet.

Speaking on Ultimate FM in Kumasi, Joyce Bawah Mogtari insisted the opposition National Democratic Congress has a gamut of publicly available evidence to prove that the NPP was coming to the market with a discredited good.

“You see all his past speeches and social media messages and comments. It is the reason he cannot make noise anymore. As soon as he opens his mouth, you will see all the receipts being given to him. As soon as he tries to change his pace, he will see the receipts being given to him.” She contended.

She recounted: “For all the 170 questions he posed in 2016; the list of persons who were suffering are suffering even more,”

“All his lies and propaganda especially the falsehoods that he peddled proclaiming to know things that he had no idea about. I am sure in future when he is making those pronouncements he will approach them from the position of caution acknowledging that he is now totally discredited goods with very little credibility left.”

Bawah Mogtari insisted that the performance of the economy which has failed the resilience test confirmed convictions of the late former vice president Amisah Arthur who tagged Dr. Bawumia a text book economist.

“Ghanaians have gotten poorer; food inflation is at its highest; lending rates are at an all-time high; Ghana for the first time has to come out openly to admit its inability to pay its external debts,” Joyce recalled.

The lawyer and former Deputy Minister of Transport empathized with the vice president arguing he had been misled by a power thirsty bunch who hoodwinked him into making highfaluting promises without measuring the future consequences on his credibility.

“Dr. Bawumia allowed himself to be misled by a political hierarchy that wanted power at all cost. He didn’t even stop for a moment to think that one day his credibility will now be questioned by every Ghanaian. All attempts to now rebrand him has not worked,” she averred.

Bawah Mogtari invited the Vice President who has gained the digitization tag; to disprove records and receipts that documents the role of John Dramani Mahama in Ghana’s digitization drive.

The e-gov process was started under Prof. Mills. We went to the e-ports to the e-court to the e-address system.

“From the Accra Digital center, introduction of fibreoptics; the former president who was then a young communications minister, sat at the top of most of the infrastructure,”” she reminded.

Cautioning the Vice President who leads the governing New Patriotic Party into the 2024 elections, she advised, “I love social media but before I send anything I crosscheck to see if this will not come back to haunt me. All we have in this space is our credibility.”

Joyce Bawa Mogtari urged the youth to buy into the 24 hour economy for what she called an inclusive government which possessed pragmatic solutions to the country’s high youth unemployment challenge. Heathcote – Fumador.



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