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Whizzy Academy Prepares African Youth for the Green and Digital Economy

Whizzy Academy has called on African Countries to double up steps to help the continent’s youth catch up with skills required to survive the fast accelerating Global Twin Transition

It warns that the continent which has the most youthful population and the highest rate of unemployment could further miss out on the new prospects being created in the Green and Digital Economy.

The Digital Solutions and job empowerment hub, broached the crucial subject at a day’s conference held in Ghana, to celebrate Erasmus Day in recognition of Erasmus Mundus’ initiatives aimed at training youth for job opportunities in emerging markets. Aboagye

The training took several eager youth through emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence; how these essential skills could impact job creation and how AI could render several traditional job roles obsolete.

Digital transformation jobs

Managing Lead at Whizzy Academy Samuel Aboagye expressed concern African Economies continue to lag behind in adapting digital technologies for job creation; leaving the space to India and other aggressive economies.

“Our governments in Africa have not really taken advantage of technology. I am surprised to see a lot of our youth unemployed. The United States outsources a lot of its work to Indians. Why not Africa?” he queried.

Inviting governments to invest in the digital pool; Samuel Aboagye recounted a series of tools that his academy had tried, tested and is using to raise thousands of dollars in revenues for clients dotted across the world.

Green Economy Opportunities

Spencer Tweneboa Korankye, Managing Partner at Whizzy Academy underscored how the second leg of the Twin Transition, the Green Economy, held significant promise for reducing unemployment while managing climate change. Tweneboa Korankye

He averted minds to the massive prospects Ghana could derive from recycling plastic, paper, metal, organic and electronic waste into fertilizers and several other finished products.

“Even in Agriculture, the green economy is making it possible to generate multiple yields from a small land size with the supervision of drones which can be hired for an hour’s use. The animal waste used for fertilizer can also make us so much money in the green economy,” he enlightened.

Spencer encouraged government to grant incentives to encourage more businesses directly operating in the circular economy and adopting more environmentally friendly and adapting cleaner business operations to support climate adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Youth in Green Jobs

A participant Gideon Ohenepon No Ba Nyamesen who owns the Agricentric Ventures told INEWSLENS.COM, his rewarding journey in recycling fruit and vegetable waste into biofertilizersm bio pesticides, animal feed and dietary supplements had been painstaking and gradual. Ohenepon No Ba Nyamesen

He reiterated need for the state to begin looking toward Green and its vast opportunities to deflate the ever growing youth unemployment bulge.

““There are so many young people who want to do something in green businesses but the challenge is getting the financial resources,” Mr. Nyamesen bemoaned.

Other participants who spoke to reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador pointed out new concepts that could better prepare them to face the Twin Transition spurring a wave of radical change across the world.

“Although I am aware we need to go green and clean, I learnt new concepts in green financing and other lifestyle adaptations that can contribute positively to our environment,” Victoria Adewuyi a Nigerian political science student shared. Adewuyi

Whizzy academy which is currently running the two-year Erasmus+ project – GreenVETAfrica is set up, to enable economic opportunities for African youth and businesses through digital innovation and enterprise.

By: Heathcote – Fumador

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