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A/R – Valley View University sets Pace in Climate responsive and Green campuses

The Valley View University campus in the Ashanti Region is blazing green trails with its ecologically responsive and climate friendly built environment; a renewable energy powered campus and integration of its natural environment into an ambient campus paradise.

The Oduom Campus stands out in a composition of natural elements blending in a river side experience with the greenery of flowers, trees and lawns.

Speaking to Ultimate News at its Oduom Ambience Rector, Prof Winfred Ofoe Larkotey disclosed that the River Bebre which runs through the 12 acre campus would be fully dredged to widen its capacity for leisure boating and river bank relaxation.

“We will dredge The Bebre River fully and then we will create some kind of an ambience where our students can relax around it. May be we will get some geese and have a small boat for people to have a riding experience.”

Solar Energy

To complement its ecological inspiration, the campus boasts of a solar farm providing clean electricity for the institution with minimal use of the national grid only limited to few hours of the entire day.

In line with climate mitigation measures, the university is only permitted to use air conditioners within a short window when the campus temporarily switches to the national grid between 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM.

“This helps us with clean energy. As you can see, we are not dissipating anything. Energy is just being transformed from the solar into electricity,” Prof Ofoi Larkotey commended.

Green Culture

As part of its ambiance vision, the university foresees a fully natural setting with its therapeutic milieu reflecting in the soundness of academic work.

Prof Ofoi Larkotey told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador: “We are championing having responsible green activities around. We are even becoming more intentional because we want to grow this campus to a point where everything here is natural.

People can come here and have a serene environment, breathe fresh air; sit by our River Bebre. Even when students come with some major issues; you will leave refreshed,” Prof Ofoi Larkotey added.

Green House Farming

Further marrying green into its environmental culture; the university has blocked out a hundred and fifty nine acres of land for farming.

Half of its 100 acre land at Derma in the Tano South District is to be generated into a greenhouse vegetable farming hub with plans to transfer knowledge of the technology to youth in the local communities.

“We have already written our proposals to use 50 acres for green house farming to grow vegetables and then train the youth in Derma in Green House Farming. We have applied for some grants and local development partners are also welcome to join us on this project,” he indicated.

A 59 acre land at Feyiase earmarked for its medical school, will also be used for farming in the Bosomtwe District while the university pools resources for project take off. Heathcote – Fumador.



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